Roman Architecture and Urbanism (Book published October 24, 2019


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Author  Fikret Yegül
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   October 24, 2019
ISBN  0521470714
Pages  912

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Since antiquity, Roman architecture and planning have inspired architects and designers. In this volume, Fikret Yegül and Diane Favro offer a comprehensive history and analysis of the Roman built environment, emphasizing design and planning aspects of buildings and streetscapes. They explore the dynamic evolution and dissemination of architectural ideas, showing how local influences and technologies were incorporated across the vast Roman territory. They also consider how Roman construction and engineering expertise, as well as logistical proficiency, contributed to the making of bold and exceptional spaces and forms. Based on decades of first-hand examinations of ancient sites throughout the Roman world, from Britain to Syria, the authors give close accounts of many sites no longer extant or accessible. Written in a lively and accessible manner, Roman Architecture and Urbanism affirms the enduring attractions of Roman buildings and environments and their relevance to a global view of architecture. It will appeal to readers interested in the classical world and the history of architecture and urban design, as well as a wide range of academic fields. With 835 illustrations, including numerous new plans and drawings, as well as digital renderings.

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