Life in Ancient Egypt


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Author  Eugen Strouhal
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   January 1, 1992
ISBN  0521440939
Pages  279

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This superbly illustrated book is a major addition to our knowledge of Ancient Egypt. Although there is a wealth of literature on the kings of Ancient Egypt, on the history of their reigns, and on their temples and pyramids they built, very little has been written about the ordinary people and their way of life. Drawing on a wealth of evidence, physical as well as literary and artistic, the author of this fascinating book provides us with a rare insight into everyday life in Ancient Egypt. The book recreates the life of the Ancient Egyptian from conception and birth to death and burial. It looks at the life of everyday farmers, fishermen, and hunters; the working methods of artisans and builders; the work of artists and scribes; the role of priests and healers; and the achievements of budding scientists, mummificators and physicians. The position of women in society is discussed in detail, as is fashion, care of the body and the risks to which women were exposed in pregnancy and childbirth. Other hazards of living in Ancient Egypt are also discussed, including the frequent outbreaks of epidemics, the high incidence of endemic disease, the high infant mortality and the growing problems of hygiene and sanitation. The text is complemented by Werner Forman's superb photographs, many taken specially for the book, depicting artefacts, works of art and scenes of life in ancient Egypt, as recorded in tomb reliefs and paintings and on papyri.

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