Collected Literary Essays

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Author  A. W. Verrall
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   March 29, 2012
ISBN  0521238080
Pages  408

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Arthur Woolgar Verrall (1851-1912) was a classicist, a lecturer, and the first Professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge. During his academic career he published several works of scholarship, chiefly critical studies, editions, and translations of classical Greek and Latin texts, but also critiques of modern literature. In this collection of literary essays, published posthumously in 1913, the subjects of criticism range from Dante's epic poetry to Sir Walter Scott's prose, demonstrating the breadth of Verrall's literary consciousness and interest. This anthology was edited by M. A. Bayfield and J. D. Duff and includes a ninety-four-page memoir of the author, a transcript of his memorial inscription from the antechapel of Trinity College, Cambridge, and a commemorative address by J. W. Mackail.

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