The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the...


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Author  M. M. Austin
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   November 30, 1981
ISBN  0521228298
Pages  506

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The aim of this book is to collect in one volume a substantial and representative selection of ancient sources in translation, with commentary, on the history, institutions, society and economic life of the Hellenistic world from the reign of Alexander the Great to the late second century BC - that is, from when the Greek world expanded considerably through Alexander's conquest of the Persian empire to the time when Rome became the predominant political force in that world. The area covered includes Macedon and mainland Greece, the Aegean, Asia, Syria and Egypt. Fringe areas such as the Black Sea and Bactria are also included where appropriate, but less fully. The sources selected include literary sources, numerous inscriptions from almost all parts of the Hellenistic world, and papyri from Egypt. The sources themselves are supported by introductory commentary, notes, bibliographies, chronological tables and maps.

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