Documents Illustrating the Principates of Nerva...

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Author  E. Mary Smallwood
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   October 20, 2011
ISBN  0521128943
Pages  224

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In this volume, originally published in 1966, E. Mary Smallwood compiles a thorough list of documents and physical artefacts from the reign of the first three of the Five Good Emperors. It was Nerva, and his two adopted successors, Trajan and Hadrian, who paved the way for Rome's Golden Age - each winning the cooperation and approval of the Roman Senate. Smallwood's text contains an extensive collection of materials from the societies of these first 'good emperors', complete with indices of significant persons, coins and other subjects of general relevance. Smallwood quotes directly from imperial papers and letters, references numerous busts and statues, and uses laws, currency and minutes of meetings to compile a fantastic overview of items from this period in Roman history. This work will remain a highly beneficial research tool for scholars and historians interested in the detailed study of the documents and artefacts of this age.

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