The Subversive Oratory of Andokides

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Author  Anna Missiou
Publisher  Cambridge University Press
Publication Date   September 3, 2007
ISBN  052103759X
Pages  232

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By analyzing a selection of speeches of the Athenian orator Andokides and the decisions reached by his audience on each occasion, Dr. Missiou demonstrates that the orator had divergent perceptions, values and attitudes from those of his audience on a number of basic issues. By this means she challenges the criticism, frequently aimed at Athenian democracy, that the decisions of the Assembly during this period were irresponsible and irrational. In particular she ascribes the rejection of Andokides' proposals for peace with the Spartans in 391 BC to the incompatability between the subversive character of his speech, aimed at spreading pro-Spartan and anti-war feelings, and the socio-political needs and demands of his audience.

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