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Author  Joyce Tyldesley
Publisher  University of California Press
Publication Date   September 18, 2006
ISBN  0520250206
Pages  256

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Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt in the late eighteenth century sparked a global fascination with ancient Egyptian culture that remains undiminished to this day. This book, written by leading author and archaeologist Joyce Tyldesley, tells the full story of the discoveries of treasures that had lain completely hidden and undisturbed for nearly two thousand years. Tyldesley follows in the footsteps of real-life Indiana Joneses in their quest for the splendid monuments, tombs, and artifacts that have unlocked many of the secrets of this mesmerizing civilization. Crafting a riveting chronicle of historical intrigue and intrepid personalities, the author relates the beginnings of Egyptology, leading the reader from the nail-biting race to crack the code of ancient hieroglyphics to the heart-stopping moment when Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen’s burial chamber.

Egypt introduces the collectors, explorers, and archaeologists who have come to dominate the story of the rediscovery of ancient Egypt. Among these is Giovanni Belzoni, a circus strongman and diehard adventurer who uncovered many of the works of the greatest pharaoh of them all, Rameses II. Tyldesley describes the larger-than-life personalities and spectacular finds of characters such as Jean-François Champollion, Amelia Edwards, and Flinders Petrie. She delves into Howard Carter's dramatic discovery of the golden treasures lying deep in the burial chamber of the boy king Tutankhamen. Illustrated with full-color photographs, Egypt captures the excitement of these gripping adventures stories while highlighting the magnificence of the artifacts that were their object.

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