Nemea II The

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Author  Stephen G. Miller
Publisher  University of California Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2001
ISBN  0520216776
Pages  450

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Since 1974, under the direction of Stephen Miller, the Classics Department of the University of California, has been excavating at Nemea, one of four sites in Greece of ancient athletic games and festivals. This second volume in the Excavations at Nemea series presents the Early Hellenistic Stadium, used to celebrate the games from c.330 to 271 BC. The presentation of remains includes findings on related structures - the entrance tunnel with its graffiti and the Apodyterion, or undressing room, used by the competing athletes - as well as the track, the hydraulic system, the seating for judges and spectators, the starting line, the starting mechanism and the turning post for foot races. All the structures and artefacts are set into the broader context of other contemporary stadia.

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