Regionalism and Change in the Economy of Independent...


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Author  Gary Reger
Publisher  University of California Press
Publication Date   October 19, 1994
ISBN  0520084608
Pages  396

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Gary Reger's highly original book applies modern statistical analysis to the detailed inscriptions at the Temple of Apollo on Delos. These inscriptions, discovered during excavations in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, provide a wealth of information about the business and economic enterprises of the island from 314 to167 B.C.

Reger examines the abundant data from the inscriptions and seeks patterns in the production and use of commodities (olive oil, pigs, firewood, barley, wheat) and in fluctuations in rents for real estate. Linking the island's economic history to the larger political scene, he offers a trenchant and overdue argument for an analysis of the Delian economy as a regional phenomenon, not—as others have seen it—as a center of international exchange.

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