The Complete Valley of the Kings

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Author  Nicholas Reeves
Publisher  Thames & Hudson
Publication Date   April 28, 2008
ISBN  0500284032
Pages  224

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"For all those interested in the burial practices in New Kingdom Egypt, this should be the first book to consult. " —Journal of the American Oriental Society

This account of the Valley of the Kings brings together the art, archaeology, and history of this incredible site in one exciting volume.

The authors, both acknowledged authorities, examine the topography of the Valley, the choice of specific tomb sites, the makeup of the workforce, and how the royal monuments were prepared for the king's afterlife. They tell the story of the chroniclers and archaeologists throughout history, and catalogue all the Valley's burials, describing for each its discovery, architecture, decoration, and contents. And, in three final sections, they discuss the robbing of the Valley in antiquity, the hiding of the royal mummies, and the urgent steps now needed to safeguard the royal necropolis for future generations. 532 illustrations, 76 in color.

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