House of Eternity


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Author  John Mcdonald
Publisher  Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication Date   November 7, 1996
ISBN  0500279241
Pages  120


Over 3000 years ago, Nefertari, the favourite queen of Ramesses II, was buried in a tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Queens. The discovery of the tomb by Ernesto Schiaparelli in 1904 began a process of drastic deterioration which remained unchecked until 1988 when emergancy consolidation and restoration began. This guide takes the reader through each chamber, describing the hieroglyphic messages depicted in the wall paintings, and discussing the images within the context of religious beliefs. An insight is offered into the life of Nefertari and the Valley of the Queens, and on the development and symbolism of royal tombs generally and their construction and decoration. The author discusses the discovery and degradation of the tomb, and the crucial role of the getty Conservation Institute in restoring and stabilizing the wall paintings. The dangers and risks to such tombs in the future are also addressed.

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