The Spirit of Ancient Peru


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Author  Kathleen Berrin
Publisher  Thames and Hudson
Publication Date   December 31, 1997
ISBN  0500018022
Pages  216

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A beautifully illustrated volume that presents more than a hundred and sixty works of art from Lima's famed Larco collection, the world's largest private collection of pre-Hispanic Peruvian art. Spectacular ceramics, textiles, metalwork and sculpture from the Chavín, Cupisnique, Salinar, Gallinazo, Moche, Parcas, Nasca, Lambayeque, Huari, Chimú and Inca cultures are illustrated and described, all with colour photographs. Some of the objects are remarkable for the skill of their craftmenship, such as ornate gold and silver jewellery and headresses, others intriguing for the beliefs they reveal, such as an intricate Lambayeque textile featuring elaborate divine beings, others are simply extraordinary, for example mosiac earplugs!

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