The Celts


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Publisher  Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication Date   August 19, 1991
ISBN  0500015244
Pages  700


The Celts dominanted northern Europe the 6th century BC. At its peak, the Celtic world stretched from Britain to the Carpathians and Asia Minor. Quintesential barbarians to their Hellenistic and Roman neighbours, the Celts in fact had their own highly original civilization. The fruits of the very latest research are brought together in the most complete assessment ever of Celtic culture. We rediscover the story of a people still in some ways shrouded in mystery. Their sallies to Delphi and the gates of Rome, their settlements from Iberia to the northern plains, form a few strands in a history stretching far in time and space. The Celts draws on the resources of 200 museums in 24 nations, in conjunction with over 100 scholars. This is the definitive record of a people who, in great part, are Europe.

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