The History of Rome

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Author  Theodor Mommsen
Publisher  Dover Publications
Publication Date   September 19, 2013
ISBN  0486498441
Pages  608

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"One of the imperishable books of history, a rich and stirring narrative." The History Book Club Review
"Immensely readable." The Times Literary Supplement (London)
"If the reader has time for only one court of Mommsen's great mansion, this is the one to visit." The New York Times
The grand historical narratives of Nobel Prize–winning author Theodor Mommsen rival Gibbon, Macaulay, and Burckhardt in their scope and dramatic power. Originally published in three volumes from 1854 to 1856, The History of Rome chronicles the ancient empire's society and government from the second century BC to the end of the Republic and rise of Julius Caesar. Combining scientific learning with stylistic vigor, Mommsen's insights transcend new interpretations and discoveries. This abridged edition offers modern readers a unified and cohesive version of the great German scholar's vast and unsurpassed work.

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