Aristarchus of Samos (Book published December 9, 2004)


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Author  Sir Thomas Heath
Publisher  Dover Publications
Publication Date   December 9, 2004
ISBN  0486438864
Pages  448

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"A most welcome addition to the literature of astronomical history." — Nature
"A most important contribution to the early history of Greek thought and a notable monument of English scholarship." — Journal of Hellenic Studies
This classic work traces Aristarchus of Samos's anticipation by two millennia of Copernicus's revolutionary theory of the orbital motion of the earth. Heath's history of astronomy ranges from Homer and Hesiod to Aristarchus and includes quotes from numerous thinkers, compilers, and scholasticists from Thales and Anaximander through Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, and Heraclides. 34 figures.

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