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Author  A. E. Taylor
Publisher  Dover Publications
Publication Date   February 29, 2012
ISBN  0486202801
Pages  128

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A. E. Taylor's Aristotle is a brilliantly written popular account of the great Greek philosopher and his thought. It is not simply a listing and abstract discussion of ideas, but a searching analysis of Aristotle's thought, both in terms of its contemporary and historical background, and its present application. Written by one of the very greatest Platonic scholars of our day, it is provocative enough to stimulate the expert, and lucid and instructive for the beginner.
Dr. Taylor covers the life and works of Aristotle; classification of the sciences; scientific method; formal logic; induction; theory of knowledge; first philosophy; matter & form; the potential and the actual; the four causes; motion and its eternity; God; physics; terrestrial bodies; biology; psychology; grades of psychical life; sensation; common sensibles and the common sense organ; thought; active intelligence; practical philosophy; ethics; society; the theory of the state; music and literature.

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