The Jewellery of Roman Britain


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Author  Catherine Mary Johns
Publisher  UCL PRESS
Publication Date   August 15, 1996
ISBN  0472107666
Pages  242

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This is the first full-length study of personal ornament in use in Roman Britain. Written by Catherine Johns, a staff member at the British Museum and the leading authority on the subject, The Jewellery of Roman Britain emphasizes the presence of two distinct cultural and artistic traditions, the Classical elements introduced by the Romans and the native Celtic background. The interaction of these traditions affected all aspects of Romano-British life and is vividly illustrated in the jewelry, many pieces of which have only recently emerged from the soil of the British Isles.
The meaning and significance of personal ornament in various cultures is discussed, and the special problems inherent in the study of archaeological material are explained. Handsomely illustrated and accessible to the nonspecialist, The Jewellery of Roman Britain represents an important contribution to the study of British history and will be welcomed by amateurs and professionals alike.
Catherine Johns is Assistant Keeper, Department of Prehistoric and Roman British Antiquities, the British Museum.

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