The Last Camel Charge (Book published April 2, 2013)


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Author  Forrest Bryant Johnson
Publisher  Dutton Caliber
Publication Date   April 2, 2013
ISBN  0425253503
Pages  400

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“A fascinating story, telling aspects of the American West that most of us know little about.”—True West Magazine

In the mid-nineteenth century, the U.S. Army was on the verge of employing a weapon that had never before been seen on its native soil: a cavalry mount that would fare better than both mules and horses in the American Southwest...

Against the Mojave in the Arizona Territory, against the Mormons in Utah Territory, during the early stages of the Civil War, the camel would become part of military history and a nearly forgotten chapter of Americana.

This is the true story of that experiment and the extraordinary group of people who it brought together. The Last Camel Charge gives them their due as a vital piece of American history.


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