Ancient Rome (Book published June 30, 2015)


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Author  Matthew Dillon
Publisher  Routledge
Publication Date   June 30, 2015
ISBN  0415726999
Pages  878

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In this second edition, Ancient Rome presents an extensive range of material, from the early Republic to the death of Augustus, with two new chapters on the Second Triumvirate and The Age of Augustus. Dillon and Garland have also included more extensive late Republican and Augustan sources on social developments, as well as further information on the Gold Age of Roman literature.

Providing comprehensive coverage of all important documents pertaining to the Roman Republic and the Augustan age, Ancient Rome includes:

  • source material on political and military developments in the Roman Republic and Augustan age (509 BC – AD 14)
  • detailed chapters on social phenomena, such as Roman religion, slavery and freedmen, women and the family, and the public face of Rome
  • clear, precise translations of documents taken not only from historical sources but also from inscriptions, laws and decrees, epitaphs, graffiti, public speeches, poetry, private letters and drama
  • concise up-to-date bibliographies and commentaries for each document and chapter
  • a definitive collection of source material on the Roman Republic and early empire.

Students of ancient Rome and classical studies will find this new edition invaluable at all levels of study.

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