Magic and the Supernatural in Fourth Century...

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Author  Silke Trzcionka
Publisher  Routledge
Publication Date   December 15, 2006
ISBN  041539242X
Pages  240

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Magic and the Supernatural in Fourth Century Syria presents an in-depth investigation of a variety of ‘magical’ practices with a focused study in the late antique Syria and Palestine.

Offering new research using both archaeological and literary sources, and blending Classical, Jewish, and Christian traditions from both regions, Silke Trzcionka examines a myriad of magical activities such as:

  • curses, spells and amulets
  • accusations related to chariot races, love and livelihood
  • methods involved in protection, healing, possession and exorcism.

The information is provided with clarity and theoretical sophistication which enables students to develop an understanding of these beliefs and their place within the social context of the time.

Altogether, a useful, enlightening and enjoyable book which students studying religion and/or social history will find invaluable.

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