An Introduction to the Ancient World


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Author  L de Blois
Publisher  Routledge
Publication Date   September 28, 1997
ISBN  0415127742
Pages  352

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Integrating the results of scholarly work from the past decade, the authors of An Introduction to the Ancient World: Second Edition, Lukas de Blois and R.J. van der Spek, have fully-updated and revised all sixteen chapters of this best-selling introductory textbook. Covering the history and culture of the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome within the framework of a short narrative history of events, this book offers an easily readable, integrated overview for students of history, classics, archaeology and philosophy, whether at college, at undergraduate level or among the wider reading public.

This revised second edition offers a completely new section on early Christianity and more specific information on the religions, economies, societies of the ancient Near East. There is extended coverage of Greek, Macedonian and Near Eastern history of the fourth to second centuries BC and the history of the Late Roman Republic. The consequences of Julius Caesar’s violent death are covered in more detail, as are the history and society of Imperial Rome.

Benefits and features of this new edition:

  • Comprehensive: covers 3,000 years of ancient history and provides the basis for a typical one-semester course
  • Lavishly illustrated: contains maps, line drawings and plates to support and supplement the text, with updated captions.
  • Clearly and concisely written: written by two established and respected university teachers with thirty years' experience in the subject areas.
  • Well-organized: traces the broad outline of political history but also concentrates on particular topics
  • User-friendly: includes chapter menus, an extensive and expanded bibliography organised by subject area and three appendices, an improved introduction and th

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