The Roman World 44 BC–AD 180


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Author  Martin Goodman
Publisher  Routledge
Publication Date   August 30, 1997
ISBN  0415049709
Pages  416

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Examining the Roman world from an unusual and illuminating angle, this volume explores the central period of the Roman empire from Julius Caesar to Marcus Aurelius.

Martin Goodman focuses on the perspective of its peoples and its fringe areas, rather than from the Emperor's household, giving a balanced view of the Roman world in its entirety.
Goodman outlines and discusses the major aspects of Roman rule and culture, as well as the marginal; the city state of Rome, politics, social and civic life, and religion.

The Roman World 44 BC–AD 180 offers a stimulating and provocative addition to the study of the Roman world in this period, which will be of vital interest to anyone concerned with the origins of Western civilization.

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