The Search for Modern China, 2nd Edition


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Author  Jonathan D. Spence
Publisher  W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date   January 17, 1999
ISBN  0393973514
Pages  992


Look no further for a comprehensive narrative of Chinese history from the fall of the Ming dynasty to the present.

Beautifully written by a leading scholar in the field, the new edition of The Search for Modern China brings to life the characters and events of China’s turbulent modern history. The narrative is detailed balanced, integrating political and cultural history with social and economic developments. Spence has streamlined and thoroughly updated the text in light of new scholarship and the major new steps China has taken in the last ten years. The Search for Modern China, Second Edition, features a visually striking art program that includes more than 150 illustrations―many by world-famous photographers―50 maps, and many helpful tables.

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