World Civilizations


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Author  Phillip Lee Ralph
Publisher  W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date   February 17, 1997
ISBN  0393968812
Pages  960

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Known for its balanced coverage, strong pedagogy, and thorough treatment of non-Western civilizations, World Civilizations remains a top choice at colleges and universities with over 400 adoptions in its eighth edition.

The new Ninth Edition maintains the qualities that have made it a success, while incorporating new material that enriches the text's global coverage and comparative approach.  The text also boasts an elegant new design that features full-color illustrations and maps throughout.

World Civilizations offers one of the premier learning resources with its new Homepage.  Students and faculty can access a vast array of electronic sources on the World Wide Web.  Thomas Pearcy offers students a media-laden review pedagogy, integrated with an investigative method that opens the textbook onto the Web. A good map is essential when traveling the World Wide Web.

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