The End of Empire& the Fall of Rome (Book published June 14


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Author  Christopher Kelly
Publisher  W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date   June 14, 2010
ISBN  0393338495
Pages  368

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"A thoughtful and sophisticated account of a notoriously complicated and controversial period." ―R. I. Moore, Times Literary Supplement

History remembers Attila, the leader of the Huns, as the Romans perceived him: a savage barbarian brutally inflicting terror on whoever crossed his path. Following Attila and the Huns from the steppes of Kazakhstan to the court of Constantinople, Christopher Kelly portrays Attila in a compelling new light, uncovering an unlikely marriage proposal, a long-standing relationship with a treacherous Roman general, and a thwarted assassination plot. We see Attila as both a master warrior and an astute strategist whose rule was threatening but whose sudden loss of power was even more so. The End of Empire is an original exploration of the clash between empire and barbarity in the ancient world, full of contemporary resonance.

40 b/w illustrations and 3 maps

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