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Author  Joan M. Erikson
Publisher  W W Norton & Co Inc
Publication Date   February 1, 1993
ISBN  0393034437
Pages  195

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Myth and legend illuminate human history as each generation draws inspiration from the lives and teaching of icon-like figures who channel the legacy of an epoch. In this book, Joan M. Erikson turns to classical Greece in search of three such mentors who have left an enduring imprint on western culture. We visit Prometheus enchained on a mountain crag and consider his remarkable steadfastness against tyranny and his concern for human beings. We then meet Orpheus, the shaman-like patron of all the arts whose influence hovers over the glory that once was Greece. Finally, we are offered an insightful developmental portrait of Socrates and a fascinating glimpse into the life and thought of that great Athenian philosopher, teacher, and martyr.

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