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Author  S. R. Fischer
Publisher  Springer Verlag
Publication Date   September 5, 1997
ISBN  0387982418
Pages  234

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Here is an interesting book. The author is famous for his decipherment of Easter Island's `rongorongo' script ... but the content, a new translation of the mysterious Minoan Phaistos disc, is the stuff of a million crackpot theories. Written in an engaging and immediate style, the book is certainly a good read. The information it provides about the decipherment of Linear B and also about the Easter Island script is interesting. Yet the translated content of the Phaistos Disc is disappointing - a rather repetitive `Call-to-Arms', mobilizing Minoans and Mycenean Greeks to resist a naval invasion. And, above all, as one knowledgeable critic puts it, "even if he's right, how could he prove it with a sample of one ?"

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