Conquest of the Incas


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Author  John Hemming
Publisher  Pan Books
Publication Date   August 6, 2004
ISBN  033042730X
Pages  640


"A superb work of narrative history" - Antonia Fraser. On 25 September 1513, a force of weary Spanish explorers cut through the forests of Panama and were confronted with an ocean: the Mar del Sur, or the Pacific Ocean. Six years later, the Spaniards had established the town of Panama as a base from which to explore and exploit this unknown sea. It was the threshold of a vast expansion. From the first small band of Spanish adventurers to enter the mighty Inca empire, to the execution of the last Inca forty years later, "The Conquest of the Incas" is a story of bloodshed, infamy, rebellion and extermination, told as convincingly as if it happened yesterday. "It is a delight to praise a book of this quality which combines careful scholarship with sparkling narrative skill" - Philip Magnus, "Sunday Times". "A superbly vivid history" - "The Times".

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