Intimate Lives of the Ancient Greeks

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Author  Stephanie Lynn Budin
Publisher  Praeger
Publication Date   October 1, 2013
ISBN  0313385718
Pages  350

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This informative and enjoyable book surveys many aspects of the personal and emotional lives and belief systems of the ancient Greeks, focusing on such issues as familial life, religious piety, and ethnic identity.

• Provides an unprecedented survey of ancient Greeks that describes the full scope of the personal and emotional lives of the actual people who gave rise to Greek laws, literature, and culture

• Reconstructs the everyday, emotional experiences of individuals in the ancient world and depicts the ways in which details of private life affected the individual's world view

• Covers all regions inhabited by the Greeks from the Archaic through the Classical periods, including the Greek mainland and islands, western Turkey, the Black Sea, North Africa, Sicily, and southern Italy

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