Encyclopedia of Dubious Archaeology

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Author  Kenneth L. Feder
Publisher  Greenwood
Publication Date   October 11, 2010
ISBN  0313379181
Pages  292

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This book provides a fascinating, encyclopedic antidote for the mysticism and pseudoscience surrounding well-known or highly publicized archaeological and anthropological "discoveries."

• 134 alphabetical entries of terms related to extraordinary archaeological claims, many related to popular frauds, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations of the human past

• Contains 50 illustrations, including depictions of the Maya calendar day and month glyphs, ancient astronomical alignments, the sarcophagus lid of the Maya ruler Pacal, and the Ica Stones

• Photographs of such monuments and artifacts as the pyramids at Giza, Serpent Mound, Nazca ground drawings, Tucson artifacts, Michigan Relics, and Easter Island Moai bring the topics to life

• A comprehensive bibliography and further reading suggestions at the end of each entry feed further investigation

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