Daily Life in the New Testament


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Author  James W. Ermatinger
Publisher  Greenwood
Publication Date   April 30, 2008
ISBN  0313341753
Pages  184

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Explore the social and material culture of ancient Palestine during the era of the biblical New Testament. Who was the messiah prophesied by the Jews? What were the rites of passage in pre-messianic Judiasm? How did the rituals, parables, holidays, and labor practices mentioned in the New Testament relate to the daily life of the average citizen of the day? This lively volume explores the social history of ancient Palestine at the crossroads of the Eastern Mediterranean world, and the emergence of major monotheistic faiths during the time of Christ and the early centuries of the Common era.

Narrative chapter topics include pre-Messianic Judaism; political and religious groups ; peasant life and agriculture; Roman occupation; work and labor; and Greek, Latin, and Persian influences.

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