Wisdom of the Maya


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Author  Ronald L. Bonewitz
Publisher  St. Martin's Press
Publication Date   May 23, 2001
ISBN  0312268602
Pages  144

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Enter the world of the Maya

The Maya were one of the most highly evolved ancient cultures, colonizing Central America for over 1,000 years. In this remarkable pack, May wisdom cards offer a tool for personal growth, and each card image has been specially carved for this deck.

The deck is divided into five 'suits', and each exerts its own particular influence. Wisdom of the Maya is specifically designed to help you look inward and delve into your own depths, where you will find the answers to all your questions.

-Traditional, age-old wisdom from the ancient Maya civilization
-Consults on a number of different levels depending on depth and detail required
-Stunning deck features specially created stone carvings based on original Maya imagery

Kit contains:
-144-page illustrated book
-12 Old God cards
-4 Astronomical cards
-4 Sacred Animal cards
-5 Sacred Form cards
-20 Day/Number cards

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