Charts of Ancient and Medieval Church History...

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Author  John D. Hannah
Publisher  Zondervan
Publication Date   November 1, 2001
ISBN  031023316X
Pages  192

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Of Charts Ancient and Medieval Church History provides a powerful visual tool for understanding the historical foundations on which contemporary Christianity rests. From geography, to theology, to doctrines both orthodox and heretical, to key figures and movements across the centuries, the broad, comprehensive scope of early church history comes across simply, clearly, and with impact. Divided into two sections―Ancient and Medieval―this book covers the first 1,500 years of church history with nearly 160 charts, diagrams, and maps grouped under numerous subdivisions. A sampler of subdivisions and specific charts includes: • Introductions: Church History in a Nutshell • Prominent Cities • The Setting of the Church • The Life of Jesus Christ • The Age of the Earliest Church Fathers • The Age of the Apologists • Essential Components of Gnosticism • The Creed of Chalcedon • Pelagius and Augustine Compared • The Rise of Episcopacy and Papacy in the Church • The Emergence of the Roman Catholic Church • The Rise of the Islamic Faith • The Division of the Church: West and East • The Crusades • Scholasticism. Charts of Ancient and Medieval Church History will help Christians not only develop a firm grasp on the rich legacy of their faith but understand how it influences the church today and their own lives as believers.

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