The Generalship Of Alexander The Great

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Author  J.F.C. Fuller
Publisher  Da Capo Press
Publication Date   February 5, 2004
ISBN  0306813300
Pages  352

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"A thrilling portrayal of Alexander's military career and genius."--American Historical Review

In a brief and meteoric life (356-323 BC) the greatest of all conquerors redirected the course of world history. Alexander the Great accomplished this feat with a small army-no more than 40,000 men-and a constellation of bold, revolutionary ideas about the conduct of war and the nature of government. In a style both clear and witty, Fuller imparts the many sides to Alexander's genius and the full extent of his empire, stretching from India to Egypt.

"Of all General Fuller's brilliant books, this is his masterpiece."--B. H. Liddell Hart

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