European Prehistory. A Survey


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Author  Sarunas Milisauskas
Publisher  Kluwer Academic Publishers
Publication Date   June 30, 2002
ISBN  0443051011
Pages  445

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A new and important book that brings many of the major debates within the prehistory of Europe up-to-date, including the transition to farming, the origin of complex societies and urbanism. Presenting new ideas and discoveries as well as reevaluating old data, the contributors present a survey of Europe from the earliest humans to the rise of the Roman Empire. The contributors are: Michael A Jochim (Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic); Sarunas Milisauskas (Early Neolithic); Sarunas Milisauskas and Janusz Kruk (Middle and Late Neolithic); Anthony F Harding (Bronze Age); Peter S Wells (Iron Age).

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