Cuneiform Documents from Hellenistic Uruk...

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Author  L. Timothy Doty
Publisher  Yale University Press
Publication Date   December 11, 2012
ISBN  0300185278
Pages  326

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This volume completes publication of the cuneiform documents of the Hellenistic period in the Yale Babylonian Collection, begun by A. T. Clay in 1913. This long-awaited edition contains reproductions of 103 texts from the city of Uruk, dating to the period from Alexander the Great to the Parthian conquest of Seleucid Babylonia. The texts include both private business transactions (sales, deeds of gift, divisions of property, quitclaims, a work contract, a lease contract, and a receipt) and documents from the administrations of the greatest Uruk temples, the Res and Irigal.

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