The Art of Medicine in Ancient Egypt


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Author  James P. Allen
Publisher  Metropolitan Museum of Art
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  0300107285
Pages  116

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If the average Egyptian survived birth and infancy they then had to face the perils of living and working in ancient Egypt. It is perhaps not surprising that physicians were prominent in Egyptian society - seeking to prevent and treat illness and injury. In association with an exhibition held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York from 2005-6, this volume is dedicated to the art of Egyptian medicine. Following short introductory essays by James Allen and David T. Minniberg (The Legacy of Ancient Egyptian Medicine) is a catalogue of more than sixty objects that reflect some of the medical concerns in Egyptian art and in more practical terms. The volume also includes a full colour reproduction of the Edwin Smith Payrus written in Thebes in c.1600 BC as a practical guide for physicians treating wounds of the head and torso. The papyrus also contains a series of magic spells, against mental and emotional disorders, pestilence, and against a fever amongst others, as well a potions for skin ointments, haemorrhoid cream and for 'making an old man into a youth'! An English translation appears on the facing page.

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