Perseus 1.0


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Publisher  Yale University Press
Publication Date   May 26, 1992
ISBN  0300053517


"Perseus" is a multimedia interactive library that aims to revolutionize the study of ancient Greek civilization. The database of text and images, published on CD-ROM and Videodisc, is designed to provide a solid introduction to Greek antiquity for students as well as advanced tools and resources for specialist researchers. "Perseus" includes an overview of fifth-century BC Greek history, works in Greek and in translation by ten authors from the archaic and classical periods, and a collection of short articles and glossary entries on topics in "Perseus" including geographic regions, architectural terms, and vase shapes. Among its thousands of illustrations are interactive maps of Greece annotated with place names, views - both still shots and motion pictures - of sites and scenes throughout Greece, and a catalogue of several hundred objects of Greek art, illustrated in colour. "Perseus" is distributed in Hypercard 2.1 and runs on Macintosh computers. The minimal configuration is a Mac Classic with a hard disk, 2Mb of RAM, and an Apple-compatible CD-ROM player. The optimal, which allows the use of digital images, is a Macintosh LC or better with a hard disk, at least 4Mb of RAM, a colour monitor and 8-bit graphics board, and an Apple-compatible CD-ROM player. A videodisc player and video monitor can be used with either of these configurations to take advantae of the full-colour still and motion images on the videodisc.

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