Economic Texts from Sumer


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Author  Carl H. Lager
Publisher  Yale University Press
Publication Date   February 8, 1992
ISBN  0300049455
Pages  208

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This text presents 125 previously unpublished Neo-Sumerian archival texts from the period around 2030 B.C.E. found in three different sites in southern Iraq. The cuneiform documents, hand-copied by the late Carl H. Lager, are accompanied by detailed indices and explanatory notes by Daniel Snell that guide the reader to relevant bibliography on each lexical item and personal name that appears in the texts. The book also provides a complete list of proper names and a generous glossary of vocabulary entries. The texts represent a range of types from the ancient sites of Puzrish-Dagan, Umma, and Lagash-girsu. Included among them are two silver balanced accounts from Umma merchants, an important huge labour text, and a large list estimating the date harvest for several orchards. The texts are available for study at Colgate and Yale universities.

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