Discs of Splendor


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Author  Alexandra Ann Carpino
Publisher  University of Wisconsin Press
Publication Date   October 15, 2003
ISBN  0299189902
Pages  300

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Over three thousand bronze mirrors survive from the Etruscan civilisation and their intricate decoration, often on both sides, and their broad range of styles make them unlike any other mirrors from the ancient Mediterranean. They also provide valuable insights about Etruscan metalworking and, from the iconography, Etruscan mythology. This study, a thesis, comprises a catalogue of all known Etruscan relief mirrors as well as others of more doubtful provenance. These mirrors, the rarest, are characterised by the fact that the decoration on the reverse is not engraved but cast in relief. The catalogue is arranged chronologically, covering the 5th to 3rd centuries BC, and it includes a full description and discussion of the mirror's iconography, its workshop and its chemical composition as well as bibliographic information. The book includes photographs of the mirrors and reconstruction drawings of the designs.

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