Lost Tomb the Greatest Discovery At The


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Author  Kent Weeks
Publisher  Weidenfeld & Nicolson
Publication Date   November 16, 1998
ISBN  0297818473
Pages  330


The Greatest discovery at the Valley of the Kings since Tutankhamen - by the Egyptologist who made the find. Tomb 5 - the tomb surrounding that of Tutankhamen - had been looted, explored and discounted decades ago. So convinced were the authorities that nothing more was to be found in this area that plans were going ahead to build a carpark. In 1 final exploration of what had become a dumping ground for previous excavator's debris, Dr Kent Weeks, an American Archaeologist, discovered a multiple corridored tomb of 62 chambers. They had stumbled upon a crypt fit for 50 Princes - the sons of Rameses II - which had remained undisturbed for 2,000 years. It is known now as KV 5 - the Greatest archaeological discovery for 75 years and the biggestand most complex tomb ever found in Egypt. Kent Weeks will write the book himself using his daily journals and those of both his wife Susan and 1 of their employees. The sample material demonstrates that the journal methid heightens the drama; the author had no idea that he was on the verge of such a major find.

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