The Secret of the Spear

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Author  Alec Mclellan
Publisher  Souvenir Press Ltd
Publication Date   December 31, 2004
ISBN  0285636960
Pages  211

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Just like the Holy Grail, the Spear of Destiny has become legendary and has proffered a wide range of stories, myths and claims, most of which are rather fanciful. This book offers a survey of the supposed origins and complex history of the spear as it appears at Christ's crucifixion and later in the hands of the emperor Constantine, Charlemagne, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler and Churchill. The spear that now lies in the Hofburg Museum in Vienna was supposed to have been returned by the Americans after Hitler's suicide, but is it in fact a fake? If so, where is the real spear? The book opens with a forensic style examination of the Hofburg spear by Dr Robert Feather who attempts to confirm the date and authenticity of the object and lay to rest all of the speculation.

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