The Great Armies of Antiquity:

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Author  Richard A. Gabriel
Publisher  Praeger
Publication Date   November 30, 2002
ISBN  0275978095
Pages  456

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Gabriel examines 18 ancient army systems, examining the organizational structure and weapons employed and the degree to which cultural values and imperatives shaped the form and application of military force. The tactical doctrines and specific operational capabilities of each army are analyzed to explain how certain technical limitations and societal/cultural imperatives affected the operational capabilities of ancient armies. Cross-cultural and cross-historical connections ground the analysis in the larger historical context of the ancient world.

•Sumer and Akkad

•The Armies of the Pharaohs

•The Hittites

•The Mitanni

•Armies of the Bible

•The Iron Army of Assyria

•Chinese Armies

•Persia and the Art of Logistics

•The Greeks

•Carthaginian Armies

•Armies of India


•The Iberians, Celts, Germans, and Goths

•The Army of Byzantium

•The Vikings

•The Arab Armies

•The Japanese Way of War

•The Mongols

•The Ottomans

This book also provides an introductory overview of war in the ancient world, from 2500 B.C.E. to 1453 C.E., as well as an examination of the evolution of modern warfare from 1453 to 2002 C.E.

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