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Author  Rafael Falcon
Publisher  Praeger
Publication Date   June 18, 1998
ISBN  0275961214
Pages  192

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The daily routines, habits, beliefs, and values of the Hispanic culture that create unique human interactions in this society are revealed in this book. The book consists of 26 chapters relating to different themes that collectively provide an understanding of cultural responses. An anecdote is placed at the beginning of each chapter to assist the reader in understanding the more pedagogical information that follows. Reflected in this book is the reality that the Hispanic world covers a vast geographical area, and as such, is a mosaic of ethnic, religious, and historical backgrounds. Examples of diversity―the salsa, the taste of this culture―that makes this culture so unique are illustrated throughout the text. This book has been written with a wide range of readers in mind and will be of use to students on the secondary as well as undergraduate levels, teachers, social workers, and travelers.

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