Who Are the Macedonians?


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Author  Hugh Poulton
Publisher  Indiana University Press
Publication Date   April 22, 2000
ISBN  9780253213594
Pages  242

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In Who Are the Macedonians? Hugh Poulton... provides a fair and perceptive account of the difficult relations between [Macedonians and Albanians in the new republic].... it is one of the best guides I have read to what may be a dark and troubled future." ―Misha Glenny, The New York Review of Books

... anyone needing a concise introduction to modern Macedonian history should be grateful for Hugh Poulton’s book." ―Steven Sowards, H-Net Reviews

This first full historical survey of the Balkan Slavic peoples of Macedonia concludes with Macedonia’s emergence as an independent state in the face of Greek opposition and a discussion of the prospects for its entanglement in the ongoing Balkan war.

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