The Virtual Mummy

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Author  Sarah U. Wisseman
Publisher  University of Illinois Press
Publication Date   October 22, 2002
ISBN  025207100X
Pages  84

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The acquisition of a mummy by the University of Illinois Spurlock Museum in 1989 launched a most unusual and pioneering project to analyse the mummy without unwrapping it or destroying it by removing samples for analysis. This book traces the history of the project, its methodology and the results of the virtual autopsy carried out on the body. The multi-disciplinary team made used of the latest 3D imaging and reconstruction computer techniques, as well as X-rays, CT scans, DNA and various other techniques to analyse the bone, teeth, resin, wood, insects and stucco. As well as obtaining information on the age, sex, health, diet, disease, cause of death and embalming techniques, the CT data was used to create a striking computer reconstruction of the head.

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