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Author  Jaromir Malek
Publisher  Andre Deutsch
Publication Date   October 6, 2009
ISBN  0233002839
Pages  64

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When Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon discovered the burial ground of King Tutankhamun on November 26, 1922, they found it in perfect condition, with all the richness of its contents still intact. Never before had an excavation uncovered such a perfectly preserved Egyptian tomb.
Now, as the treasures of Tutankhamun once again travel the world on exhibition, this intriguing book brings to life the age of the Pharaohs as well as Carter and Carnarvon’s expedition, which revealed so much about ancient Egypt.  It draws on the personal archives of Carter himself, and contains a trove of beautiful facsimiles of his own papers, including diaries and notebooks. Photographs, drawings, and diagrams from the original expedition capture all the excitement and wonder that must have accompanied the first view of this remarkable discovery.



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