The Genius of China& Invention...


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Author  Robert Temple
Publisher  Andre Deutsch
Publication Date   February 5, 2013
ISBN  0233002022
Pages  288

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The captivating, award-winning look at ancient China's unparalleled achievements now gets a lavish, revised color edition. Undisputed masters of invention and discovery, the ancient Chinese made pioneering strides in engineering, medicine, technology, math, science, warfare, transportation, and music that helped inspire the West's agricultural and industrial revolutions. They were the first to drill for oil, build a suspension bridge, understand how blood circulates through the body, and even isolate sex hormones. Based on research by the late Dr. Joseph Needham, author of the 25-volume epic Science and Civilisation of China and the world's foremost scholar of Chinese science, The Genius of China captures the spirit and excitement of centuries of ingenuity.

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