Seeds in the Heart (Book published October 15, 1999)


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Author  Donald Keene
Publisher  Columbia University Press
Publication Date   October 15, 1999
ISBN  0231114419
Pages  1265

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Donald Keene employs his prodigious wealth of knowledge, critical insight, and narrative aplomb to guide readers through the first nine hundred years of Japanese literature―a period that not only defined the unique properties of Japanese prosody and prose but also produced some of its greatest works. Covering courtly fiction, Buddhist writings, war tales, diaries, poems, and more, Seeds in the Heart explores a vast and variegated treasury of writings. Detailed textual examinations of classic texts―from the Kojiki to The Tale of Genji, from The Pillow Book of Sei Shônagon to Zeami's Nô plays―allow students, lay readers, and scholars a new understanding and enjoyment of this great literature.

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