A History of the Roman People (Book published July 22, 2013


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Author  Allen M. Ward
Publisher  Pearson Higher Education
Publication Date   July 22, 2013
ISBN  0205846793
Pages  558

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A History of the Roman People continues to provide a comprehensive analytical survey of Roman history from its prehistoric roots in Italy and the wider Mediterranean world to the dissolution of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity ca. A.D. 600. Clearly organized and highly readable, the text's narrative of major political and military events provides a chronological and conceptual framework for chapters on social, economic, and cultural developments of the periods covered. Major topics are treated separately so that students can easily grasp key concepts and ideas.


  • New research and scholarship has been incorporated throughout.
  • The chapters on the Etruscans and on Rome before the Republic have taken into account new archaeological material and research.
  • New research on the Roman family and the role of women is included.
  • New research on military history is included.Chapters on the Julio-Claudian, Flavian, and Antonine periods have been updated.
  • The chapters on Diocletian, Constantine, and the Christian Empire have received a clearer presentation of dynastic complexities.
  • Sections on religious changes and divisive theological issues have been updated and clarified.
  • Chapter summaries and overviews have been expanded or added.

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